Carrot Catnip Toy


It’s catnip fit for a king! The King Catnip carrot toy is a great choice for cats that enjoy batting at string, due to its green tassels. Filled with aromatic, organic catnip leaf, you won’t regret making this cat toy a part of kitty’s play arsenal.


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Product Information:


29g in weight, 15cm long (excluding green tassels)


Please observe your cat during play at all times. If the green tassels get chewed off or detach, remove and dispose of them immediately to prevent hazards.


This product comes with an authentic King Catnip label and tag. It does not come in a plastic wrapper.





Contains 100% Organic Catnip

Made of cotton fabric.



Storage Instructions:


When not in use, place in a sealed, air-tight container.



Country of Origin:


United Kingdom

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